The amazing Dave Lowenstein (what can be said about him that hasn't been said already?  Let me try:  Dave is a gracious and gregarious host, a raconteur extraordinaire, a passionate collector & an all-around-fun guy) hosted a wonderful evening for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity last night at his home (filled from floor to ceiling, corner to corner with an astounding collection of the art of the animated film.)

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Dave Lowenstein (2nd from left) flanked by Cheryl Posner & Pamela Marsden (l to r) Executive Director & Program Director, respectively, of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and at far right, artist Sonny Dolberg, at last night's fund-raising event for the Center.

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Craig Kausen, far right, grandson of Chuck Jones and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Center guffaws (and we might add, that image is the perfect visual description of the word 'guffaw') at the bons mots dropping like a hard rain from the Dover Boys, from left, Rob Minkoff, Kelly Asbury, Chris Bailey and Jeff DeGrandis. 

These "Dover Boys" were so named by Linda Jones Clough, Chuck's daughter, after they started hanging out with Chuck in the early 1980s while they were students at CalArts in Valencia.  Linda, center below, is shown with, from left, Kelly Asbury, Rob Minkoff, Clough, Chris Bailey and Jeff DeGrandis.

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Kelly Asbury, director of the hit animated film, "Gnomeo & Juliet" brought a roll of movie posters which he graciously signed for attendees at last night's evening get-together for the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

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Linda Jones Clough, Chuck Jones' daughter (and only child) shares a laugh with the very funny Emmy Award-winning animation director & producer, Bob Kurtz. (All photos courtesy Stephen Russo.)