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Th-th-th-that’s all, folks!

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Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny

Who is Porky Pig? As Warner Bros. very first cartoon star, Porky was originally created by Friz Freleng, then revamped by Chuck Jones and turned into a character actor. Porky’s comedy relief characterizations can be seen in such hits as Dripalong Daffy, Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century and Robin Hood Daffy.

Character Details for Porky Pig

If you are looking for quick and dirty details about our friendly cartoon character Bugs Bunny, then look no futher. Check out the quick details below:

Species: Pig
Gender: Male
Debut: 1935
Created by: Chuck JonesTex Avery – Friz FrelengFrank Tashlin
Appears in:
Catch Phrases:
  • Th-th-th-that’s all, folks!
  • Y-y-you can’t fool me. I have a high I.Q.
  • Oh Boy!
Portrayed by: Joe Dougherty (1935-1937) Mel Blanc (1937-1989) Bob Bergen (1990-present) Noel Blanc (1990) Jeff Bergman (1990-2006) Rob Paulsen (1990-1993) Greg Burson (1992-1994) Eric Goldberg (1996) Billy West (2004-2005)
Personality “The early Porky had about as much personality as a can of Crisco,” CJ He was first a chubby, little, naive pig. He later morphed into a fat adult, intelligent, observer that is capable of logical thinking.


Notes from Chuck’s Diary…

Porky Pig was originally part of a Tubby Millar/Friz Freleng vaudeville-like team of “Porky and Beans.” Beans can probably be found today, a toothless, out-of-work (since 1935) cat, sleeping fitfully on park benches, cursing the William Morris agency while his erstwhile partner, Porky, enjoys worldwide fame, acclaim, and pâté de foie gras galore.

Porky Pig is structured almost identically to Elmer Fudd except for his nose, but the pair’s personalities are quite different. The early Porky had about as much personality as a can of Crisco. We didn’t know what he was, so he could hardly know who he was, and he just walked through his roles. I began to discover Porky’s unique character only when I gave him more sophisticated parts, and then he developed characteristics of his own.

As the space cadet in Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century or Friar Tuck in Robin Hood Daffy, Porky is the observer, stating what the audience is thinking and only incidentally playing an active part in the plot. Porky the observer was a type of character I had not met before. The role became significant in Duck Dodgers, in which he acts as Daffy’s assistant. The film’s leading man could not appear heroic unless he had somebody to bounce off of, and a character such as Daffy required someone relatively meek for the role. Porky, responding on behalf of the audience, makes us realize the true craziness of what we are seeing. – Chuck Jones

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