Chuck Jones Virtual Experience


“Spear and Magic Helmet” is a limited edition fine art reproduction on canvas created from an original oil painting by Chuck Jones.  Jones began painting his cartoon characters in oil paint in the early 1980s and throughout the rest of his life enjoyed expressing their lives in this manner.  His handling of the paint, particularly in the later work such as “Spear and Magic Helmet” was fresh and spontaneous, exhibiting a nuance of understanding that would have eluded an artist of lesser skill.  Classically trained in the visual arts as he was, Jones’ paintings, not unlike his work in animation, expressed his view of the world and the little things that make us all human.  It is the relationships that matter.  

The Jones short animated film, “What’s Opera, Doc?” was part of an evenings’ worth of animated films that incorporated or otherwise were inspired by classical and operatic music at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences this past Friday.  Jim Hill, of Jim Hill Media wrote a great column on his website that you can read by clicking here.