Last night, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in
Beverly Hills opened the exhibit, "Chuck Jones: An Animator's Life From A
to Z-Z-Z-Z" with a gala reception, welcoming over 250 well-wishers
along with the late animation director and creator's family.  

exhibition was curated by Ellen Harrington, the Academy's Director of
Exhibitions and Special Events, and was culled from the archives of
Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and the Chuck Jones Collection of the
Warner Bros. Museum.  It includes layout drawings by Jones, along with
storyboards, backgrounds, pre-production concept art & other related
ephemera from Jones' seven decade career.  It is the first (and
largest) exhibition of the art of the animated film ever assembled
solely devoted to the work of one man.  

On hand to welcome the
opening night crowd were Jones' daughter, Linda Jones Clough (pictured
4th from left below) along with her children and their spouses,
grandchild and Jones' widow, Marian Jones (4th from right.)

Jones clan at opening
russo photog
From left: Krista
Kausen, Todd Kausen (Jones' grandson,) Jim Clough, Linda Jones Clough
(Jones' daughter,) Jessica Kausen (great-granddaughter,) Marian Jones
(wife,) Valerie Kausen (granddaughter,) Kimberley Kausen, Craig Kausen
(Jones' grandson.)  Photo by Stephen Russo.

Marian oscar photogs

Marian Jones places Chuck Jones' Oscar® for
his 1965 short animated film, "The Dot and The Line" on its pedestal for
the opening of the exhibition.

Todd craig valerie
oscar marian linda jessica 

takes his place of honor during the opening ceremonies surrounded by
Jones' family, from left: Todd, Craig, Valerie Kausen with Marian Jones
(3rd from right,) Linda Jones Clough and Jessica Kausen.  

Tracy john and

Tracy Tanner, President of the Chuck Jones
Council for Creativity (far left) with her husband John (2nd from right)
and friends.

Julie hudash craig
kimberley friend 

Craig Kausen
(2nd from right) Chairman of the Board of Chuck Jones Center for
Creativity takes a moment to pose here with (from left) Laura Baden,
member of the Board of Directors for Team Kids, Julie Hudash, CEO and
Founder of Team Kids and Kimberley Kausen, far right, Craig's wife. 

Valerie rick ball
steve fossatti 

Kausen, co-producer of the bio-doc "The Magical World of Chuck Jones"
and Jones' granddaughter, takes a moment to speak with author Rick Ball
and Stephen Fossati, animated film producer, director and writer.

Marian kimberley

Marian Jones (l) with Kimberley Kausen (and
Linda Jones Clough, left background.)

Cheryl robert tracy 

Cheryl Posner (l) Executive Director of Chuck
Jones Center for Creativity pauses during the festivities to speak with
Robert Patrick and Tracy Tanner, President of Chuck Jones Council
for Creativity, the outreach arm of the non-profit Center.  

Lorie darrell susan 

Smiles all around!  Fans of Chuck Jones, from
left, Hannelore Palcsik, Darrell Park and Susan Palcsik enjoy the

John leigh yetsko 

Leigh (r) and John Yetsko revel in all things
Chuck Jones.

Jessica and valerie 

Jessica Kausen, great-granddaughter of Chuck
Jones and Valerie Kausen, great, granddaughter of Chuck Jones
share the joy of the evening.