by Michael Bundy

The Arbor Day event was a great success! The Acequia Madre kids walked from
their school which is about a half mile away and considering the kids were all
between the ages of 6 and 8 that was an accomplishment in and of itself. After the kids
settled into the gallery they gathered to listen to a reading of The Lorax
which was expertly read by Jeremy from the Audubon Society and the kids were  enraptured.

Arbor Day 041

After a brief Q & A the
children were given book marks which had been made by the Audubon staff. The
book marks had the Audubon, and Chuck Jones logos on one side and 5 easy ways to help the
environment on the other side.

Next we set the kids loose
with crayons and paper and they commenced to create inspired drawings in the
unfettered way that only kids have. The result of which you can see for yourself.

Arbor Day 044 

Arbor Day 056  

Finally we planted a lovely
and quite Seussian looking Japanese maple in the courtyard planter with each
child grabbing a handful of soil and helping to plant the tree. The final touch
was the placing of a brick on the planter wall which read UNLESS.  

Arbor Day 069 

Arbor Day 074

The nighttime opening was
well attended and we raised $200 for the Audubon Society.
  All and all a very special
day in Santa Fe

Arbor Day 062