Part Three

  • Bowing to the pressure of television and reduced budgets for animated
    films, Warner Bros. closed their longtime animation studio in 1963.  Friz Freleng went on to help create and
    direct the Pink Panther cartoons. 
    McKimson stayed at Warner Bros. and Chuck Jones went to MGM where he
    directed several short cartoons for theatrical release starring Hanna-Barbera's
    characters Tom & Jerry.CJE21-117-001 copy
  • Warner Bros. briefly resuscitated their animation department between
    1967-1969 introducing Merlin the Magic Mouse and Cool Cat alongside old
    favorites like Speedy Gonzales and Daffy Duck.
  • In 1985 the Museum of Modern Art, New York, hosted a film retrospective
    of Warner Bros. short animated films directed by Chuck Jones and Friz
    Freleng.  During the 4 month long
    exhibition, more people visited the museum than had in the previous year!

  • During the 1970s and 1980s Chuck Jones worked on eight television
    specials for Warner Bros.  Utilizing
    previously created cartoons, these specials were created by developing a story
    line that tied the cartoons together.
  • After nearly 60 years in the film industry Chuck Jones was given a
    lifetime contract with Warner Bros. 
    Forming Chuck Jones Film Productions in 1994, along with his daughter,
    Linda Jones, as his producer, he began with a group of young animators creating
    in the next 3 years 6 new Warner Bros. cartoons.  The first to be released, Chariots of Fur, debuted in 1994 with
    the WB theatrical film, "Richie Rich".  Although the movie it was paired with didn't
    fare too well the reviews for the animated film were resoundingly positive.81632

  • Chariots of Fur paired the Road Runner and
    Wile E. Coyote in their first theatrical film together in over 30 years.  5 other short films were produced at Chuck
    Jones Film Productions in the next 3 years, they were: Superior Duck starring Daffy Duck and a host of other WB
    characters; One Froggy Evening the
    prequel/sequel to the 1955 film One
    Froggy Evening
    ; a tribute to Friz Freleng, From Hare to Eternity starring Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam; Pullet Surprise with Foghorn Leghorn
    and Pete Puma (who was voiced by the original voice actor of Pete Puma, Stan
    Freberg) and Father of the Bird
    starring Sylvester and a new character, a sweet little bird named Cornbread.
  • With the closing of CJFP, Chuck Jones moved on to a more relaxed
    life.    Mr. Jones divided his time
    between gallery exhibitions, film retrospectives, a inveterate love of travel,
    his beautiful wife, Marian and of course, painting, drawing and creating
    limited editions of the characters we've all grown to love and admire.