Chuck Jones Virtual Experience

Hundreds of people welcomed the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity to its new home at 131 W. Chapman Avenue, Orange, California last night!  The open house festivities began at 6 PM and a steady stream of well-wishers kept flowing through the door until well after 10 PM.  There were give-a-ways, speechifying, & much hilarity + Litter-Alley was a huge hit with so many of our younger (and older guests!)  More about the evening to follow…


A young artist works on her creative spirit in "Litter-Alley" last night at the grand opening of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.


Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, makes an important announcement at last night's festivities.  That's Chuck Jones' daughter, Linda, to the left.


Marvin Martian stood guard over the hors d'oeuvres!

To learn more about the Center & it's programs, please visit it's new & improved website,