Mike Dicken embodies much of what makes the Chuck Jones Galleries such a great place to collect art:  he's enthusiastic, he loves to laugh and he's dedicated to making sure everyone he assists builds their perfect collection of art.  As National Sales Director for the Chuck Jones Galleries he guides and works with our art consultants to ensure that all of you receive the same knowledge, energy and attention to detail that he brings to his own collectors. 

We'd like to take a moment to congratulate Mike for completing his second triathlon, the Encinitas Sprint!  Huzzah!  If you've never participated, it requires a tremendous amount of dedication and focus and Mike has worked hard to achieve this awesome personal goal. 

Mike running from the ocean swim
Mike works out six days a week; two days a week devoted to each of the three parts of the triathlon, swimming, running, biking.  

"Doing any kind of exercise is so great for life.  You have so much more energy, you are thinking clearer.  I can't say enough good things about how it's changed my outlook on life," Mike stated recently when queried about his new found passion.

Mike biking
You can tell how much he's having just by the photos!  Mike celebrated his 19th year working at the Chuck Jones Galleries in the middle of August and he says he wouldn't trade it for the world, "I love the art, I love working for the Jones/Kausen family, and I love the people I work with; it's a perfect combination."

Mike running
Mike has made his home in the San Diego area now for about 10 years.  He's been married to the lovely Jamie for 15 and has two children; Juliette, who's 10 and Spencer, 7, all of whom are the lights of his life.  

Native to southern California, Mike attended Menlo College and worked in his family's video stores for several years before starting at the Chuck Jones Showroom when it was located at Heliotrope and Pacific Coast Hwy. in Corona del Mar. 

Mike jamie chuck oscar (Medium)
In 1996 Mike and Jamie congratulated Chuck Jones at the Chuck Jones Showroom (by now located at Poinsettia and Pacific Coast Hwy.) on the receipt of his Lifetime Achievement Oscar.  

Mike spends most days at your Chuck Jones Gallery in San Diego, drop in (232 Fifth Avenue in the Gaslamp District) or give him a call at 888-294-9880 (or email: SanDiego@ChuckJones.com) and extend your congratulations!