Chuck Jones Virtual Experience

Susan Brender of "V is for Vitality" a weekly program on will be posting her interview with Linda Jones Clough, Chuck Jones's daughter tomorrow, Wednesday, December 21st.  "V is for Vitality" features interviews with artists discussing how the arts play a vital role in maintaining youth and vitality. This show will discuss the fundamental importance of the arts in the mind-body-spirit relationship as a health strategy. 

Brender has 20 years experience as a television producer with diversified broadcasting experience in the Political, Entertainment, Legal, and Business arenas. She is the recipient of the ACE Award for (Best Program in an Educational Series):Teenagers: Drinking and Driving “A Killer.” She has recently directed her talents and energy working in communications and development for non-profits dedicated to arts and education and arts and health.

Linda Jones Clough, the Emmy Award-winning producer ("Peter and the Wolf", 1996, Best Prime Time Children's Program) is the founder of Linda Jones Enterprises, the art publishing and art gallery business she established in 1977 to distribute the art of her father, legendary animation pioneer, Chuck Jones. Today, Jones devotes much of her time to the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, the non-profit organization founded by Chuck Jones in 1999 to promote and encourage the creative spirit that resides in all of us through educational programs, art exhibits, film festivals that draw on the material in the Chuck Jones archive and Chuck Jones's unique teaching philosophy.