Chuck Jones Virtual Experience

"…I do believe it's true…just a fine and fancy ramble, to the zoo…" so sang Simon & Garfunkel in 1967 and around that time, Chuck Jones often found himself at the zoo drawing his 'notes' in a notebook such as the one we feature today.  

Culled from the incredible archive of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity (visit their website by clicking here), these drawings give you an insider's view at how the mind (and hand) of this master artist worked.  

SKSK-02-006 elephant

SKSK-02-003 turtle

SKSK-02-010 bear
Each drawing, even as rough as these are, exudes character and personality, not only of the animal, but also of the artist.  His sure hand in delineating form, his perceptive eye capturing character and texture; all of which combined bring you a little bit of time, the time he spent contemplating these animals.  It's a gift.