Roughly Squeaking

Boit!  Cammeeere!”  Hubie and Bertie, the two itinerant mice
created by Chuck Jones, star in their third film, Roughly Squeaking which
premiered November 23, 1946.  Attempting
to steal some cheese they meet up with a cat so dumb they’re able to convince
him he’s a lion.  Shaving his hair, they
put a mop on his head for a mane and then to make him roar they set him
afire!   Thus begins one of many head-trips
they play out on this unsuspecting feline foe. 
“Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.”

was directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese and Tedd
Pierce.  Voice characterizations were
provided by Mel Blanc (Hubie) and Stan Freberg* (Bertie).  Hubie and Bertie were nominated for an
Academy Award for their 1949 outing entitled Mouse Wreckers.  They first appeared in The Aristo-Cat of

Freberg also voiced Junyer Bear, Pete Puma and one of the Goofy Gophers at
Warner Bros.  He was the host of one of the last great radio
programs of the 1950s and remains one of the funniest, most creative talents in
Hollywood today.