Chuck Jones Virtual Experience


New York's Fashion Week and the coverage it receives is not usually where one would think you'd find references to Chuck Jones, but you would be wrong.  We've seen the work of Chuck Jones used as touchstones for everything from physics to philosophy, but this may be a first.  

Fashion critic for the New York Times, Cathy Horyn, has singled the work of Chuck Jones out, not only for his brilliant use of bold color, but also for the gentleness that was mixed in with the gags.  That all important convivial mix of wit and vulnerability was their hallmark.  She goes on to point out that the bold patterns being shown by many of the fashion designers lack that subtlety.  

Please read her article, The Volume Stays Up to get her particular take on the state of American fashion now appearing on runways throughout New York City.  

"Drag Strip" a limited edition sericel available at the Chuck Jones Gallery.