Chuck Jones Virtual Experience


Academy Award-winning actor, Geoffrey Rush (currently in "The King's Speech and nominated this morning for a Best Supporting Oscar for his role!) is also a noted stage actor.  Soon to be appearing at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) in Gogol's "The Diary of a Madman," Rush had this to say about the role he is playing:

"Gogol walks this very knife-edge, fine line between a very sharp observation of someone's descent into madness and, at the same time, playing fairly deliciously with their own sense of delusion," the actor says. Discovering his character, he says, was like constantly having "a Daffy Duck moment — where, you know, his beak has suddenly been smashed around to the back of his face."

"We took a lot of inspiration from [Warner Bros. animation director] Chuck Jones," Rush says. "He said, 'Bugs Bunny is the person we would probably all like to be. Daffy Duck is the person we probably really are.' So it's a comment on that level of self-delusion — [on] what our aspirations might be and how short they might fall."

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