One of the uncountable legacies I received from my father was the opportunity to produce several theatrical films during the 1990s.  As a result of those films, I am honored to have been accepted as a 
voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).  I participate on several AMPAS voting committees and do what I can to be a responsible, participating member of an organization I believe supports and promotes the ART of motion picture making.  The awards given by the Academy, my father made clear to me, are the members of the motion picture industry recognizing those who have contributed to advancing that art.  When I serve on the nominating committees, watch films during any given year, and fill out my ballots for the yearly awards, I try to always keep that in mind.  My observation and conversation with many other AMPAS members leads me to believe that they, too, cast their votes with that in mind.  The nomination and voting procedure is, in my opinion, inherently fair, professional, and worthwhile.

Of course, the awards ceremony is another matter altogether.  It is a gala affair, designed intentionally, to attract non-member viewers, and to raise money for the Academy's wonderful work throughout the year.  The Awards Ceremony is not the reason for the Academy's existence, as I've sometimes been amused to hear reviewers comment, but it is an exciting and beautiful event.

The tickets to the Awards Ceremony are, as you can imagine, desired by more members than there are seats to accommodate them.  Hence the tickets are requested and assigned by lottery.  I have discovered that I can usually (not always) be assured of my two tickets if I request the least desireable seats…the nose-bleed section where no one is ever noticed or on camera.  But it is such wonderful fun to be there, to walk in on the red carpet (the "other" red carpet…the one behind the important red carpet), to get dressed up, and see the performances, the stars, and feel the excitement! 

A few years ago, my dear husband, Jim, and I talked about a plan to make it possible for each of Chuck's grandchildren and great-grandchildren to attend the Awards night… so each year I have invited one of my children, then grandchildren, to accompany me.  My oldest, Todd, then Craig, then Valerie.  Follwed by Alex last year and Brittany this year.  It is our plan to continue with Chuck's "descendents" for as long as I can make it to the "top of the tent"! 

I loved the show this year and had a fabulous weekend with Brittany…absolutely the most beautiful woman in the house!

Proud Nana… Linda