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Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.

Grifter Rodents with a Sense of Humor.

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Who is Hubie and Bertie? These street-smart mice wreak comedy havoc in order to find a cozy place to spend the night. They are well-known for their roles in the Academy-Award nominated short, Mouse Wreckers.

Character Details for Hubie and Bertie

If you are looking for quick and dirty details about our friendly cartoon character Hubie and Bertie, then look no futher. Check out the quick details below:

Species: Rodent
Gender: Male
Debut: 1943
Created by: Chuck Jones
Appears in:
  • The Aristo-Cat
  • Trap Happy Porky
  • Roughly Squeaking
  • House Hunting Mice
  • Mouse Wreckers
  • The Hypo-Chondri-Cat
  • Cheese Chasers
Catch Phrases:
  • Yeah, yeah, sure, sure.
Portrayed by: Hubie: Mel Blanc (1943–1951) Dick Nelson (1946) Jim Cummings (1995–2000) Bob Bergen (1996) Joe Alaskey (2005) Jeff Bennett (2017) Eric Bauza (2019–present) Bertie: Tedd Pierce (1943) Stan Freberg (1946–1951) Jeff Bennett (1995–2000, 2017) Bob Bergen (1996) Steve Kehela (1996) Joe Alaskey (2005) Eric Bauza (2019–present)
Personality Mind-game playing aces. Devious and successful.


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