Chuck Jones Virtual Experience


In 1989, Chuck Jones' autobiography Chuck Amuck was released with much fanfare and critical acclaim. In a series of appearances at art galleries around the nation that launched the release, Jones was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and admiration from his legion of collectors, fans and admirers.

One aspect of book publishing is the all important cover art, and in the case of Chuck Amuck there was no doubt who would be providing said art.  Chuck Jones created this image of Bugs Bunny seated at an animator's desk, quickly animating Daffy Duck with the sign "Rabbit Season"; it is, in essence, a flurry of drawings as they fly off his drawing surface. 

Released at the same time as his autobiography, Bugs Director: Chuck Amuck is a 16 field (13.5" x 16.5") hand-painted cel art edition.  The line for the edition was created by Mr. Jones in graphite and then beautifully inked (with a brush) by him, it was then transferred to acetate sheets, painted and Mr. Jones then hand-signed each example in the edition.  It is the perfect centerpiece to any collection of Chuck Jones art.  Learn more about it here