# 20 Post:

Thursday, Oct. 16, 1952

Dear Linda;

Today is Apple Pan Dowdy Day in New South Wales.  All school children are excused from attending classes, businesses suspend business, jolly times are declared and joy reigns supreme.  I do not know whether they celebrate New South Wales’ Apple Pan Dowdy Day in Arizona.  They don’t here.

I broke 180 yesterday.  When I stepped on the scales at 8:22 A.M. they read 179.  Indeed the lightest I have been for ten years (except when very, very ill).  I don’t know that I look a great deal different, but I sure as hell feel better.  I feel fifteen pounds lighter, which indeed I am.

Man went into a bar and asked the bartender for a bucket of Martinis.  The bartender was astonished, but he could hardly overlook such a sale, so he fetched a pail from the kitchen and filled it with martinis.  He charged the customer twenty-seven dollars, which was cheerfully paid.  The man took the brimming bucket and proceeded outside with the bartender following, curious to see what went on.  The man carried the Martinis over to a horse he had tethered in front of a wagon.  He lifted the bucket to the horse’s mouth who drank the liquor with obvious enjoyment.  The impressed bartender watched the proceeding with fascinated interest.  When the horse had finished, he said to the man, “Now, that’s what I would call a very nice gesture.  Come on in and have a Martini yourself, on the house.”  The man answered, “No, no thank you…I have to drive home.”

Two weeks from today we’ll be starting in your direction; won’t get there until Saturday morning probably. To say that I am pleased at the prospect of seeing you would be one of the most fantastic understatements of the century.  Will you please let us know what we can bring beside round-dance records, a laundry box, the saddle and ourselves?  Can we smuggle a box of goodies to you for the pleasure and edification of you and your friends?  Shall we figure on going into Prescott and getting you a jacket?  Inform us, hm?

We just finished a story session on an encounter Bugs Bunny has with a Tasmanian Devil, a small and extremely ferocious beast, originating in, of all places—Tasmania.

I don’t know how many carnivorous beasts there are of the earth and the oceans, but some day, I suppose, we shall run through them all and then we will have things like “Bugs Bunny meets the Man-Eating Plant” or “Bugs Bunny and the Thinking Machine.”  The last isn’t too bad an idea even for now, come to think of it.

Thank Charlie [Headmaster] for permission to use the brand [school logo] in the cartoon..I neglected to tell him and you that Daffy is definitely on the side of law and order in this cartoon.  He’s the good guy (ineffectual, but good) and a character named Nasty Canasta is the bad guy.  I’m really enjoying this one.  Daffy does things under my pencil that surprise and please me..what a little slob he is, to be sure.  And Porky…what a square!  He rides a small, very nasty donkey in this one, a donkey with extremely short and stubby legs like four clothespins.  Porky talks like a bucolic boy scout (hope you have to look that up).  I’m getting quite happy about him, too.  He used to be a very pudgy, shapeless mass of porcine grossness, but he is improving, as of course he had to do in order to survive. 

My regard for you is tempered only by distance,

Love                                love

        kisses kisses kisses




            I personally esteem you.