Halloween is a-haunting.  Hobgoblins, ghouls and ghosts abound with the occasional wizard thrown in for good measure.  Knight-mare Hare first startled audiences on October 1, 1955 and has continued to delight us with its homage to Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" (and with a tip of the hat to the Bing Crosby film version.) Highlights include Bugs' vain attempt to impress a knight by rattling off the names of royalty he's acquainted with: the Duke of Elllington, the Count of Basie, the Earl of Hines, the Cab of Calloway and the Satchmo of Armstrong; the dismissal of a fire-breathing dragon (with seltzer water, no less!) and finally with Merlin in his castle.  In these two layout drawings by Chuck Jones we are privy to their first meeting.  

KNHA 001 copy