# 18 Post:

Tuesday, October 14, 52

Dear Linda;

Do you realize that nothing has ever happened at ten:fifteen in the morning? No empires have been founded, no continents discovered, no Pasteur or Koch ever came bounding out of his laboratory at ten:fifteen screaming, “Eureka!!” It is not recorded to my knowledge that any covenant was ever signed, no armistice consummated, no declaration of war effected at this time. Ice cream, coca-cola, and bobby pins were all discovered deep in the stilly night. The first giraffe was seen by the first man in the misty rays of dawn. Nothing very good or startling at all ever happened at ten fifteen A.M.

Why then am I writing to you at this time? Well…..having checked, I find I have nothing to fear, it is now ten-twenty-three, so this may be a literary masterpiece after all.

Yesterday was Columbus Day, a day set aside to honor the city of Columbus, Ohio. All the banks closed their doors and huddled behind green shades. Why is this? I’ve never seen anybody so avid about holidays as are banks. They take everything off, just like Bun Rab in Pogo: Columbus Day, Admission Day, Mulligan’s Feast Day, Arbor Day, Be Kind to Azaleas Day, Pine Tree Day, Boy Scouts of America Day and every other obscure holiday honored with an English name. I’m told that by some curious financial hanky-panky the bank makes money by not doing business, a pleasant but rather unclear idea. If this is so, why open your doors ever? Keep ‘em closed, I say, and roll in pelf. (Do you suppose banks take off Judy Holliday?)

My painting class with [Don] Graham goes swimmingly. He is a great man, a marvelous teacher, but I find no way to tell him so. He has absolutely no idea he is good and he has no machinery with which to accept a compliment. I try to tell him how much I appreciate what he has done for me, how his clean clear thinking has helped me to understand my job here at the studio so much better, indeed has given me greater ability to draw, keener appreciation of drawing, a faith in my own judgment so necessary in creative work and a relaxed attitude toward drawing itself. It doesn’t get through to him at all. I guess he thinks I’m just trying to be nice.

Your letters came this morning like a fresh sweet happy breeze. I’m so very happy that you are happy. We will bring some round dance records and instructions with us two weeks from Saturday, the 1st of November. Yahoo!! Friendship is not precisely love, but it has been known to serve until love comes along. The structure of this paragrapf is far from perfect, but look at all the things it says. (How do you like ‘paragrapf?)

Lots and lots plus lots add lots multiply lots to lots of love……

thine grizzly sire…