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“Partly Cloudy”, a new suite of 8 mixed media limited edition fine art prints by renowned contemporary artist, Tom Everhart.

Medium: Mixed media print on deckled edge paper
Size: Paper 11.5” x 24.5” / Image 10″ x 23″
Edition: 75

In Tom’s own words:

Morning Fly – Partly Cloudy
In my experience, some of the most amazing clouds can be found in the warm skies over my studio in French Polynesia. Due to Tahiti’s close location to the equator, the overhead clouds can range from romantic to powerful and can be rolling horizontals to heat driven straight up verticals. In addition, all of this is recorded and reflected upon the surface of the lagoons that stretch in a 360° view obstructed only by a few tiny islands of untouched land called, motus.

I have wanted for many years to create works that share their brilliance but didn’t want to produce the same old sky landscape paintings that are still so common and offer nothing to learn. So, with Sparky’s (Charles Schulz) character of the flying ace, I found the perfect vehicle to present and demonstrate their beauty and power.

As in the majority of my work, I present the viewer with the combination of visual object-matter, the flying Ace, with the title “Morning Fly, Partly Cloudy” to suggest it is just that. Although the actual subject matter is the story of a simple tropical housefly, with the skills and flying talents of Sparky’s Flying Ace, that every day wakes us in the morning, backdropped by the art directed Tahitian skies filled with these beautifully designed tropical clouds.

More importantly, the Tahitian clouds that appear first thing in the morning, with “Ace” can theatrically offer everything, from calm to drama until the last light of one beautiful tropical clouds filled day.

–Tom Everhart

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