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Artist Markus Pierson brings his inimitable style and symbology to explore the greater meanings of love and friendship. His work, utilizing his everyman, the Coyote, both delights and ignites the imagination.

In his most recent offering, the autobiographical book, “Gleanings from a Whisker Wheat Harvest”, and the fine art triptych, “Love Holds Danger”, Pierson explores both the dangers and the rewards of falling in love. Metaphors abound in “Love Holds Danger” including the rose of love (with its attendant thorns) and the  “breaking wheel” on which the Coyote rests. 
“Love Holds Danger” has been printed on fine art archival paper, each section of the triptych measures 14″ x 11 (14″ x 33″) and it has been faithfully reproduced from the original in an edition limited to only 444 examples. The autobiographical book, “Gleanings from a Whisker Wheat Harvest” accompanies each signed and numbered fine art print.

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