Chuck Jones Virtual Experience


Nominated for an Academy Award, this 1961 fable directed by Chuck Jones (with co-directors Maurice Noble and Abe Levitow) tells the tale of a singing giraffe whose life takes unexpected turns.  It touches on the cult of celebrity and the addictive nature of fame plus it’s absolutely endearing.  You’re bound to fall for Nelly.  (Several years ago, we had the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the world-famous San Diego Zoo with Chuck Jones.  He had spent many a productive hour at the zoo over the years honing his drawing and watercolor skills.  One of the highlights of the tour–there were so many!–was visiting the giraffe compound.  They are truly elegant, beautiful creatures with exquisitely long, luxurious eyelashes that flicker languorously over the deep pools of their obsidian eyes and the longest, blackest tongue you will ever hope to see!)