You can support classes that allow children to explore their imaginations, or give people of all ages the chance to see original Chuck Jones oil paintings–without pulling out your credit card. 

Sounds like a late-night infomercial or an e-mail scam, doesn't it?

Remember that old Barbie collection…those dusty paperback books…the Nintendo games that your children no longer play?  You can sell them on eBay and have the proceeds donated directly to the Center for Creativity.

EBay sponsors a program called "Giving Works" that allows people to sell things to benefit certified nonprofit organizations like ours.  Google it if you like; it's genuine.

Here's the link to the Center's page on eBay.  Click the "Sell" tab, follow the simple directions, and you're set!

EBay will send your donation to us after payment is received from the buyer.  That's it.

But wait–there's more!  Take a look at this young artist's face and the work he created in an hour using craft foil and colored markers, then walk directly to that closet stuffed with mystery boxes from 1999.  Find something and let it go.  It's time.

Metal Art