Chuck Jones Virtual Experience

# 10 Post:

Wednesday, Oct. 1, 1952

Dearest Linda;

Good old payday!  Your little red radio is on the table behind me, playing “Syncopated Clock”.  I brought it down because the World Series starts today.  However, this is just coming over:  “Mrs. C.F. of Atlanta, Georgia complains of haggard lines around her chin and her skin hangs in folds when she tries to reduce.”  She’s also a “harsh laxative addict”.  Bright kid.

Just turned it off.  From the shape of the last paragraph I don’t have your skill at writing and listening to the radio at the same time.  I find it extremely distracting.

As I look around the room I see four pictures of you and two pictures by you.  The ones you drew for me are both horse pictures (surprise! Surprise!), one an ink drawing and the other one of your early watercolors of two stallions fighting by a cliff edge.  Both surprisingly good, both have always afforded me lots of pleasure.  Linda 12-30-39

The photographs of you start with a two-year-old you  by the fire place at 904 Strand and then the oil sketch I did of you at the drawing board at the big house on Passmore, then the sweet pictures of you when at Valley View (I’d forgotten there were two, that makes five of you in the room) and last the colored one taken, at about eleven I guess, when we were last living at the beach.  In that one you have the first dress, a Lantz that I bought for you with my own little hands.  I need a nice current photo of you; if you get a good one, send it to me, will you?  Or get somebody to shoot one for me.  Tell ‘em I’ll trade a drawing for a good picture.  Nothing like a little bribery.

I’m working on a new Daffy Duck right now.  One in which he again plays the role of Dripalong Daffy, the Masked Avenger.  I love Daffy dearly, he is so completely and foolishly human.  I think he serves to accent all the human frailties and vanities and conceits and is funny doing it.  He’s a pleasure to work on, as oddly enough, is old Porky, who plays a sort of Gabby Hayes part in this film.  Comedy relief for Daffy.

How is it going?  Branded any cattle yet?  Found any heads on the bureau lately?  Friend I used to have when at medical school used to slip a human ear into his girl’s purse when out on a date.

Dammit, I hate to use the same word twice in one sentence, and “used” is such an awkward word at that.

Ione, Donn, Ken, Benny, Mike and of course Dottie send their very, very love.

As do I