Chuck Jones Virtual Experience

April 28, 1955

# 65



if I ever have to go through the paper work again you have to go through to
build a house, I’ll live in a dog kennel first.  I’ve signed my name to every thing from an escrow paper to a
guarantee assuring the Bank of America that I don’t have mange.  Every time I sign my name I always feel
that it may eventually show up on a demand note for a million dollars.  My life has always been so serene.  It’s like having babies, there must be
an easier way, it just hasn’t been discovered.


am very happy about your making Scripps [Women’s College].  It seems so satisfactory in so many
ways.  I am sure you will be happy
there, will get a fine education and will meet many other fine men and women.  Of course we are proud of you, very


hoe to be well into the house by the end of school, if all this paper doesn’t
get tangled we should be starting in a week or two.  Kernie [contractor/builder] thinks he can finish within
sixty days, which would make it early in July.  I realize that things seldom go that smoothly so we won’t
depend on that date, but it will be thrilling just to get started.


new studio was Okayed by jack Warner yesterday; work will start Monday to be
finished early in September. 
So.  A nice clean new place
to live and a nice new clean place to work, a nice fresh new college girl in
the family, all in one year.  Seems
pretty wonderful to me.


you in only four weeks or sooner if possible.


my love,