Chuck Jones Virtual Experience

February 24th, 1955

Post # 59

Dearest Linda,

    Enclosed find a check for ten dollars ($10.00) to cover my contribution to the dance.  If you need more do not hesitate to ask (I will not hesitate to refuse).

Answer to your question:  I think pink is a superb over-all color.  I think you will all look very lovely indeed swirling about in the moonlight and I believe “voluminous” is an excellent word.

I guess what I was really trying to establish in my heavy-handed way was that letters of this kind could be more informal and relaxed, but this is no excuse to force you to swim through a tar pit of jocularity.  So, I’m sorry.

MAKE YOUR FORTUNE COLLECTING ALLIGATORS!  Follow these simple rules:  Purchase one pair hip boots; one pair binoculars; one small glass jar; one pair tweezers; proceed to alligator infested swamp.  Don hip boots.  Wade in.  Approach alligator.  Reverse binoculars.  Look through big end at alligator.  Reach over with tweezers.  Pick up alligator.  Drop in small jar.

It looks like we are at long last going to get our new studio.  It has actually reached the blueprint stage and apparently will be built this year.  It will be on the far side of the main lot, towards Disney, not connected directly, thank God, but with a separate entrance on a nice tree-shaded street, a fine location.  It will be new, clean, air-conditioned and I think, very attractive.  A place you will not feel reluctant to bring your friends.

I am truly bowled over by your grades.  You have in all ways lived up to your pledges this year.  You have made me a very happy and proud parent.

The usual thing at this time is to say, “Keep up the good work.”

Keep up the good work.